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-Live in your Authenticity! 
-Know the truth about the driving force of your Purpose, which is Passion!
-Get Mindset Renewal and How To's on Wealth. The Provision for living Full-Time in Purpose.

Wealth Consists Of: Finances, Impactful Relationships, Physical & Mental Healthy Mindset, Spiritual Maturity.

In my Signature PPP Package; together we will achieve your goal of turning your Purpose into Profits. Tackling limiting beliefs. Dreaming / Envisioning /Creating. How to: Market On-Line Business. Content Creating for Women Over 50.


You Have What It Takes...!

If you didn't have what it takes to BOLDLY live your life Authentically, you wouldn't be reading this. Let's get THAT OBSTACLE, Out of the Way! Believe in Yourself!
You've awakened to the truth that THERE'S MORE in you. YOU are RARE! NOT the Norm. Remember that!

In my opinion, obstacles are normal. Life is a huge obstacle course in which we've learned to maneuver. However, struggles are different. These little stinkers are the actual Road Blocks of life.  An Obstacle, is clear that it is an "obstacle" and can easily be moved out of the way. Road Blocks can have you stopped and stalled on the road, for hours. You may even have to DETOUR aka Find A Different Way.

Struggles don't become "struggles" until you've reached Stuck, with No Maneuvering Room. When it comes to your Purpose, that's a Really Good Thing! WHY? If it were easy to pursue, it would be normal to pursue. Then, you'll no longer be a "Rare One". You'll be a part of "The Norm"! Besides, you've been living as an alien far too long. LOL!  It's time for the REAL YOU, TO BE REVEALED! NOW GO BE GREAT!


I knew I had a greater purpose in life. For decades, I was serving other's purposes while NOT fulfilling my own and deeming it as, "My Calling". Women over 50 have played "Supporting Rolls" while back-staging the "Leading Ladies" of their Own Lives, most of their lives.

I was picking up rolls that didn't belong to me. Unknowingly claiming them as my MY IDENTITY! Determined to discover the TRUE ME, I did! What took 15 years, could have taken only 2-4. WHAT A LAUGH! In my Coaching Program, I will use my experience and expertise to equip you with the tools that'll get you there SOONER! 

I've been there...!

 i was a purpose chaser!

No gimmicks! The REAL Solution is simple.  Recognize the Problem. Get to the Root if it. Heal from the trauma that originally caused the Problem. Renew your Mindset by getting rid of Old Faulty Belief Systems, and replace them with the Truth! SEE! SOLUTION! 


The COACHING program!


You will begin to see your changes and results, almost immediately!

 Quick Results! 

You will literally be living out your dreams. Our Passions, ARE our DREAMS. You know the famous "Dream" question. "If you could do anything in life and money was No Object, What would you do"?

Living Your Dreams!

As you discover your authenticity, you will experience levels freedom and becoming liberated. On some level you've been falsely living, up to your discovery.

Freedom !



Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions
Lasting Results Aren't Rushed. Bi-weekly meetings allows you time to think, process, independently journal, and be totally engaged in your session assignments. 

IT'S JUST LIKE "STAR SEARCH", BUT BETTER! However, this is where the major work begins. 

Contrary to popular belief, your Passion is Not a Hobby! Most people lose passion, because they have lost Purpose.  

The reality is you need money to survive. God would not give you a Purpose on earth, and NOT MAKE FINANCIAL PROVISION for it. We must get rid of faulty beliefs when it comes to money if we are to be financially wealthy.  Our Purpose is to have Dominion on earth. This means OWNING THINGS! This means Smart Money. This means Investments, and more.
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Between sessions with questions or problems.



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You'll love it.

A Semi-Autobiography of how I discovered my Purpose, after searching for 15 years.  It's funny, transparent, and packed with valuable teaching!  Available on Amazon.

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