I'm Dr. Teddi D. Humanitarian, Life Purpose & Entrepreneurship Coach to Women in the '2ND ACT' of Life. 

Are you a Woman Over 50 who's been everything to everyone else, and lost your sense of purpose? Has life simply happened, causing YOU to put your dreams and desires on hold? Only to look up one day and kick yourself? Are you a Woman who's in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Act in Life, and said to yourself, "This Time, I'm Doing This Differently"? I can coach you through it!  

Women over 50, often secretly suffer from "Identity Loss". Men have midlife crisis. Women change gears and press the gas peddle.  



Purpose Life & Entrepreneurship Coach, for Women Over 50!  Helping women in the '2nd Act' of life, discover or re-define their Purpose through their Passion. Then teaching them how to Survive, doing it!  You're not a hobbyist. It's Purpose!

I'm approaching 60 and enjoying the ride! Wife, doggie mom of 2, and two handsome bonus sons. A Cheerleader of Life; transparent and I love 'Realities'. No matter how harsh that reality may be, Transformation can only come through Truth.

I'm a Creative person who grudgingly lived the 'Status Quo', and Not my Authentic Self.  After the BA, Masters Degree, Honorary Doctorate and 30 years of Corporate America, I said, "Bye Bye"!

After over a Decade of intentional pursuit of purpose, I discovered 3 things. 1) My Purpose was connected to My Passion. 2) Wealth came as result of the it. 3) My Purpose is to help other Women in the '2ND ACT' of Life, do the same. IN LESS TIME!

Hi !
I'm Teddi !




It's just that. Coaching.

If you know nothing about sports, I'll explain it creatively. I'm a choreographer and you are dancers. I've been doing the dance for years. I not only teach you the moves, but give you the entire creative vision for the dance. I also show you how to incorporate your own style, personality, and uniqueness into the moves.  As if helping you to create your own dance.

However, there are things I must teach you aside from the choreography, like: How to move correctly so you don't injure yourself. How to dance with others so you all move as one. How to connect with the moves so they are genuine, authentic, and don't look robotic. There's Much More.

Coaching is not Therapy or Counseling. It is a 'Life Luxury' that helps you accomplish LULG (Level Up Life Goals). In professional sports, there are "Special Teams Coaches".  These coaches are for Special Teams Players. Coaching is like that. Athletes are already awesome and unique players. Coaches are there to Level Up the player's game. In our case here, we are Leveling Up Our Lives.



Your Transformation
Start's Here!

One-on-One Mentoring can FAST-TRACK YOUR RESULTS, with a Better ROI (Rate of Return on Personal Work Invested)!  We'll work together, to build customized sessions tailored to your specific Purpose, Passion & Profitable needs.

Work with me One-on-One, in my Signature Package!

Purpose, Passion & Profit$

Group Coaching is like being on a winning 'team'! You are all, Star Athletes striving for the same goals. That is to become better at the game. Winning is simply the RESULT.  IT'S FUN! IT'S SUPPORTIVE! IT'S CAMARADERIE! 
Group mentoring allows for less 'Self Inducing' Pressure.  Besides, who wouldn't want to be in a Round Table atmosphere with like minded peers?  Group Coaching can  gives you the best of both worlds. You are privy to others being coached in your group. It's like having multiple coaches, in one.   

Group Grow with me; Group Signature Package


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