Hi Ladies!

I'm Teddi !

I'm proof! It can happen for you!

I'm a Life Purpose & Entrepreneur Coach, for Women Over 50! Helping you beautiful ladies in the '2ND ACT' OF LIFE!  Do What?  Discover, Re-discover, or Define your earthly Purpose through your Passion. 

IT DOESN'T STOP THERE! I then combine the two and show you have to generate Businesses around it.  I think that's pretty clear. We're often clear about our Passions and our Money, but Purpose has been stretched so far, that it has become vague.  Not only does our 'WHY' need to be strong, it's crucial that it be connected to the Reason We Exist! NOW THAT'S THE FUN PART!

I'm approaching 60, and Enjoying the Ride! Wife and doggie mom of 2.  I'm also blessed with two handsome bonus sons. I'm passionate about life; transparent and deal in realities.  No matter how harsh that reality may be, transformation can only come through truth.

I'm a Creative Person, who grudgingly lived the 'Status Quo'.  All while losing my Authentic Self. After the BA, Masters Degree, Honorary Doctorate, and 30 years of Corporate America; I finally said, "Bye Bye"! I hadn't planned for retirement, but I DIDN'T CARE. 

I'm a Washington DC, City Suburban girl, who walked away from it all and move to the Mountains! This is where I found My Purpose, and Passion guided me the entire time.

After 15 years of intentional pursuit of purpose, I discovered 3 things. 1) My Purpose was connected to my Passion. 2) Wealth came, as a result of it. 3) My Purpose is to help others do the same. IN LESS TIME! 



*Wow! That's    Interesting!*


I'm an 'Around the Way Girl' who moved from the city to live on top of a mountain, after age 50. I have a YouTube Channel @MochaMountainGirl, on the adventures of my New Mountain Life. I love 'OUTDOOR LIFE'.


LOL! Before you get all humane on me, let me explain. I'm Licensed to Conceal Carry & Hunt. My area consists of bears, coyote (pronounced: Kye-yoat), and mountain lions! OH MY! A bear or 2 have wondered in our yard. Here, hunting is the Norm! My desire is to work with our Local Wildlife Resources Commission to help eradicate Coyotes.  It's called "Hunting to Eradicate"; done in a Humane Way. Feral Hogs destroy millions of dollars worth of food crops per year, and will kill anything!  Even people.  No Crops, No Food! Feeding people is an Earthly 'Purpose' that will Never Go Away!


I'm smooth, cool, and had dance moves since age 2. Lol! 
Seriously. Dance is a powerful, anointed gift I've been given.  I will be writing on "Dance Purpose", at some point. In the meantime, you will definitely see me dancing somewhere in SOCIAL MEDIA LAND. I'm aka the "Hype Coach"!


Our original intent for moving to the mountains was to live Off The Grid! LOL! After 4 years of continuous research, we were REALISTIC with ourselves. We found the perfect medium!  


Once you start, you won't look back!

Your Transformation Start's Now !


Let's go!
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