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LOL! My Coaching Style is different, to say the least.  I'm passionate about life, armed with truth, and love results!  
I would say I'm a bit tough, but transparent, humorous and real. I've personally taken this journey and after 15 years, you learn to both fight smarter AND lighten up. I'm confident, we can get you RESULTS!

It's my Purpose, to help others discover theirs. However, I've chosen Women like You! I too am a '2ND ACT' WOMAN. I know the challenges, mindsets, and fears that come with the journey. I know what it's like to be stuck. I also know the wounds and generational anomalies that we must absolutely heal from, TO WALK IN OUR PURPOSE.

What it's like to work with me!

It's just that. Coaching.

If you know nothing about sports, I'll explain it creatively. I'm a choreographer and you are dancers. I've been doing the dance for years. I not only teach you the moves, but give you the entire creative vision for the dance. I also show you how to incorporate your own style, personality, and uniqueness into the moves.  As if helping you to create your own dance.

However, there are things I must teach you aside from the choreography, like: How to move correctly so you don't injure yourself. How to dance with others so you all move as one. How to connect with the moves so they are genuine, authentic, and don't look robotic. There's Much More.

Coaching is not Therapy or Counseling. It is a 'Life Luxury' that helps you accomplish LULG (Level Up Life Goals). In professional sports, there are "Special Teams Coaches".  These coaches are for Special Teams Players. Coaching is like that. Athletes are already awesome and unique players. Coaches are there to Level Up the player's game. In our case here, we are Leveling Up Our Lives.



Working One-on-One, together we can FAST-TRACK YOUR RESULTS! We'll get to your Core Purpose and find your Passion that connects to it. As a ONE-on-ONE BONUS, I will assist you in starting ONE Income Generating Stream of Your Choice, from your Results.

1:1 Coaching

Coaching With Me

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Grow with your peers! You'll be in a setting of Like Minded, 2ND ACT WOMEN; with the same Challenges and Questions. It's like being in a room with Multiple Coaches! 

There's No 'Self Induced' Pressure! It's an atmosphere of camaraderie, and you get to benefit from hearing others get coached. This is just as impactful (if not more) as getting coached yourself (1:1 Coaching).

Group Coaching

Group  Growth

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